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  1. Nana Kunutunkununku I was the founder and the first ruler as the King of Akyem Abuakwa after the collapse of and break away from the Adansi Kingdom. Succession to the Akem Abuakwa Paramount Stool after Nana Kuntunkununku I were as follows:

  2. 1400-1500 AD
  3. Nana Apeaning Kwaforo Amoah
  4. Nana Damenera
  5. Nana Pobi Asomaning
  6. Nana Oduro
  7. Nana Boakye I
  8. Nana Boakye Manu II
  9. Nana Agyekum Adu Owurae
  10. Nana Boakye Mensah III
  11. Nana Agyekum Adu Oworae II
  12. Nana Agyekum Adu Oworae III
  13. Nana Amankwatia

The above Kings of Akyem Abuakwa ruled in Adansi, as well as after the fall of Adansi during the movement south eastwards across the River Pra. These reigns and the "exodus", as already noted above, took place around 1500 AD. From that period up to 1733 AD, the following kings ruled in Abuakwa after driving the Akwamus out of the areas they were then occupying; events which have already been alluded to somewhere in this history.
1500-1733 AD

  • 13. Nana Ofori Panin - He moved his capital from Pameng to Kyebi. He built his palace at a place where up to date is known as the OFORI PANIN FIE.
  • 14. Nana Baakwante
  • 15. Nana Pobi Asomaning II
  • 16. Nana Owusu Akyem Tenten- A great warrior who fought the Ashantis several times during his reign. Akyem Abuakwa grew in strength and power during his time. It was during his reign that the Guans and others sought his help and sending his nephew, Odehyee Safori, succeeded in driving the Akwamus from what is now known as Akwapim. He gained the title of "KWAE-BIBIRIMHENE" (King of the Dense Forest).
  • 17. Nana Twum Ampofo Okasu
  • 18. Nana Birikorang Abodie
  • 19. Nana Apraku
  • 20. Nana Atta Owusu Yiakosang- He was a great and powerful warrior king. When returning from one of the wars with the Ashantis with his army through Fanti land, he caught small pox and fever, and died in Agona Kwanyarko on a Wednesday. This tragic day resulted in the great oath of the Akyem Abuakwa people, "MEKA WUKUADA NE KWANYARKO"; literally meaning, "I swear by Wednesday and Kwanyarko" (Kwanyarko is the town where the event took place). Another event which took place at the same time was the drowning in the River Kwanyarko of several of "Ahenemas" (sons of the Stool) who had accompanied their father to war and were also returning with him to Abuakwa. Hence also, the Ahenemas' great oath, "MEKA AHENEMA NKO", meaning, I swear by Nana's only children", who were the only sufferers on that fateful day.
  •  WEDNESDAYS have since been set aside and observed as holiday and a day of remembrance and mourning throughout Akyem Abuakwa and all citizens of Akyem Abuakwa are therefore forbidden to go to their farms or tamper with the soil on that day.

  • 21. Nana Asare Bediako
  • 22. Nana Kofi Asante
  • 23. Nana Twum Ampofo II

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