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Whenever you hear the slogan OKYEMAN !!, respond OKYEMAN TE ASE!

Within Eastern region of Ghana lies OKYEMAN traditional area. This place is sometimes known as KWAEBIBIRIM because of its abundance in rich natural resources. This area is in the Tropical rain forest with fertile river valleys, deep loamy soil, and fresh fauna. The land of Okyeman is watered by the famous river BIRIM. The river Birim is the source of Ghana's Diamond. The spiritual, physical and philosophical sustenance of the AKYEM people are derived from river Birim. While we do not worship the river per se, we do revere it as our source of inspiration, giving us life and strength, because we the Akyems do not lack water nor food in our existence.


We do thank the creator (GOD) for blessing our land with such a magnificent river. The products from our land and river becomes symbols for our thanksgiving whereby our ancestors are remembered for their struggle and perseverance to keep the society intact. We the descendants also pledge to continue the tradition, to keep OKYEMAN strong and free with peace and prosperity . We then pledge allegiance to the King (OKYEHENE) and his sub-chiefs and elders for their leadership and guidance. This ceremony of thanksgiving to God is the great festival of the Akyem people known as OHUM FESTIVAL. The Ohum festival is celebrated in Akyem Abuakwa in two parts; the Ohumkan and the Ohumkyire. 


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