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THE OKYEMAN CULTURAL TROUPE exhibits the culture of the Akyem people in a very dramatic way. Our Cultural troupe exhibits the Okyeman culture through drums, songs, dance, costumes and festivities.
Our drums, songs and dance involve "MPINTIN", "MMOMAA", "KETE", "FONTONFROM", and "ADOWA".Sample video clip
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Our festivities are marked with pomp and pageantry. We display our system of chieftancy, King (OHENE) and Queenmother (OHEMAA). Okyeman traditional area in Ghana celebrates the  OHUM FESTIVAL

Through the songs, drums, costumes and language, members of the Association portray the OKYEMAN culture to the outside world. As a tradition, the men usually play the drums while the women support them with songs and clapping. The songs are composed instantaneously by the lead singer as the occasion demands. Each song and drum beat has philosophical connotation which demands a specialized way of dancing. Dances and hand gestures have meanings and symbolical representations.

The Okyeman cultural troupe performs on different occasions especially during funeral celebrations and multicultural festivities. Many Ghanaians resident in CANADA and the US do call on the Okyeman Cultural Troupe to perform for them during funeral celebrations of their departed loved ones. Okyeman traditional area in Ghana is noted for its rich culture of dance and music. The Okyeman Cultural Association of Toronto tries to maintain this tradition unadulterated to promote it within the Canadian multicultural environment.  More Pics


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