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Welcome to Okyeman Cultural Association's web site.

OKYEMAN CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF TORONTO is a non-profit organization formed to unite all Akyems resident in Toronto. The Association appreciates that all the three Akyem groups, (Abuakwa, Kotoku, Bosome) share certain common historical, cultural and religious affirnity which need to be cherished wherever we live as AKYEM people. In addition, we desire to find ways to promoting Ghanaian Culture and explore ways to assist in the development of Canada. It is our fervent hope that our Ghanaian heritage will be upheld within the Canadian Multicultural environment.

All are cordially invited to attend our Meetings held every first Sunday of the Month. We will be happy to welcome all interested people and non-Akyems as honorary members. Before you learn something about Okyeman culture, take a few minutes to read a brief history of Ghana. History of Ghana

Okyeman Cultural Association is commited to the preservation of our cultural heritage as Africans.

We hope you will visit us next time to learn more about Okyeman. Thank you very much.

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Okyeman Celebrates 25th Anniversary - July 30, 2016


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