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Hannah Agyemang

Fellow Okyeman, Ghanaians, Canadians, African Americans, and all people of the world, it is a great pleasure for me to share with you all the rich heritage of OKYEMAN. The Okyeman Cultural Association of Toronto as a non-profit organization, do believe in the promotion and celebration of African cultural heritage within the Canadian multicultural context and, in that matter, the exhibition of OKYEMAN CULTURE to all the world.  I am sure our Association will provide the world with the necessary information about Okyeman culture, institutions and values that have been handed down by our ancestors.

As the President of this organization,  I speak on behalf of all the members to wish all visitors to our site a happy visit. I am sure you will learn something about Okyeman, and should you have any questions or comments feel free to let us know.
I thank all members of Okyeman Cultural Association of Toronto for their cooperation and efforts to make this website a success. My special thanks goes to the webmaster; Febian Frempong for his devotion and sacrifice to put OKYEMAN on the World Wide Web.

On behalf of the Executive Committee and the entire membership, I wish everyone peace and prosperity, and a warm welcome to the fold of Okyeman. Thank you all visitors.

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Okyeman Celebrates 25th Anniversary - July 30, 2016


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